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17 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by John Kirkham 17 days ago
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John K
  • Could double check that no re-rendering was required.
17 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by jjhelmus@gmail.com , Phil Elson 17 days ago
Eric D
  • 2016-11-??: General Discussion
Phil E Time: TBD (UTC)
Eric D Attendees
Eric D Standing Items
  • How many repos? ~1250
  • How many contributors? ~240
Phil E
  • CFEP status
John K
  • Binary data in recipes
  • conda-forge installer (our own Miniconda)
  • Handling broken packages
  • Whether to delete or not
  • Windows BLAS Solutions
  • conda build 2.0
  • cmake seems to be having issue
  • Patch? the packages which need to be rebuilt with conda build 2.0 before switching all feedstocks to 2.0
  • conda-build-setup should have whitelist to do something else?
  • Only need to rebuild packages with short prefixes, shouldn't need to do anything special
  • conda & conda-env (conda-build?)
  • conda-env is rolled into conda in recent versions, conda-env package now a placeholder
  • Need to pin older version of conda with conda-env<2.6 and newer version with conda-env > 2.6
  • Get rid of conda-env recipe?
  • Currently not building conda-build, need conda-build 2.0 to build
  • Travis CI VM changes
  • Changed default OS X image to 10.11 with XCode 7.3
  • Fixed in conda-smithy by specifying what image to use
  • Travis will drop image at end of the month... we need a solution
  • Should look at new image and see if it meets our needs.
  • May need to set environment variable to continue to target 10.9, but may need to install own SDK
  • What versions of OS X are being used and what should we support? 10.9 good choice for minimum?
  • Enhancement proposal to outline how we manage changes to what we support (3.4, numpy 1.10, etc)
  • jpeg8 to jpeg9
  • Discuss on GitHub issue until 21st then decide.
  • Ray will try to get Anaconda.org usage stats.
  • Updates from Michael on GitLab based CI 
  • Next meeting -- change time?  Doodle pool for hour, go from there.
  • Next meeting in three weeks
  • Moving to conda build 2.0
Phil E
  • The conda & conda-env (conda-build?) recipes
65 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by John Kirkham 65 days ago
John K
156 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by John Kirkham 156 days ago
  • Build number should start at `(X+1)*100` - Phil: why? It shouldn't make a difference with the "feature" formed numpy that we have built....? - John: See this comment for response.
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