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7 days ago
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  • Jonathan, Phil, John, Filipe,  Eric, Sylvain
  • Apologies
  • Recipe license to include in feedstock?
  • Where to include?  In recipe? Should not be license for the package but rather for the recipe.
  • Not many
  • Deal with on-case-by case basis as extra commit on feedstock.
  • Moving to conda build 2.0 requires rebuilding ~35 packages.
  • Rebuilding should be done before moving all feedstocks to new version
  • Not backwards incompatible.  Mixing short and long prefix will results in short prefixes.
  • Filipe has done this with his own build system, maybe some issues on Windows.
  • Conclusion: start rebuilding packages that use short binary prefix, then flip switch on all recipes.
  • Phil will be in Oz for next 6 months (Melbourne: UTC +10)
  • Next meeting schedule with doodle
  • Sylvain -- mixing VC runtimes
  • Recommend that these be placed in a different channel
  • Python 2.7 with VC 14/2015 should be considered a new version.
  • Proposal is to build extensions with VC 14 not Python itself
  • CFEP -- with types of errors we can see
  • conda-smithy release -- Maybe Monday?
  • Do not know why rerendering is happening slowly
  • Rerendering happens on Heroku, max 5 PR but can up limit
  • CFEP -- if you have not looked at them CFEP 01 do so soon:
  • Can CFEPs change after the fact
  • What is consensus?  BDFL, vote, vetos (like NumPy?), other?
  • majority of  core member -- at meetings
  • Formal Government document, which includes how consensus is reached. -- or should this be seperate
  • Start repo with 
  • Have a look at 
  • Labels for Python 3.6 -- Jonathan will add comment
  • Offer ability to build against Python 3.6?
  • Upload Qt built offline??
  • Can this use default VMs?
  • CFEP for this?  Might not appeal to those doing the work.
  • John + Carlos discuss
  • Jonathan will try building
  • More info for next meeting
  • Moving to conda build 2.0
  • Meeting time roadblock Oct-May ;)
  • Next meeting: 2016-09-30 @ 14:00 UTC
  • CUDA/cuDNN update -- delay until Michael is back
  • Windows BLAS Solutions
Sylvain C
  • Modern C++ , MSVC and Python < 3.5 
35 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Phil Elson 35 days ago
Phil E Thoughts on verification:
  • We could emit a SHA within the CI log, propose an upload, and get the service to cross validate that the tarball being uploaded matches the SHA of the build.
Reminder: remove this document once we have formulated an enhancement proposal
42 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by John Kirkham 42 days ago
John K
132 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by John Kirkham 132 days ago
  • Build number should start at `(X+1)*100` - Phil: why? It shouldn't make a difference with the "feature" formed numpy that we have built....? - John: See this comment for response.
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